Metropolitan Colliery Helensburgh Mine Fatalities

Metropolitan Colliery
Fatalities or Died Later from Injuries
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Family Name First Name Remarks from Headstone transcription, Dep Mines Annual Report, Newspaper, etc. Died Age
Davis Richard William Shaft sinker , “Killed by a stone scaling ofside and falling down shaft” (—scaling “off”side–?) 11/1/1887 32
Turnbull William Cuthbert Mr C.W. Turnbull, one of the contractors for the sinking of the shaft on the Metropolitan Coal Company’s property at Helensburgh, met with his death while down the shaft on Wednesday night, He was only 31 (sic) years of age, and leaves a Widow and two young children. (S:-I Merc 30 June 1888) 27/6/1888 32
Harper Charles Surface – P131 “By a wire rope in motion” P 132 “Thrown over an embankment by a wire rope slipping” P161 “By the tackling slipping off the wire rope whilst he was in the act of removing a boiler”. 4/8/1888 53
McNamara Francis Shaft sinker, “Fatal Injuries by a stone falling down a sinking shaft” 21/4/1889 32
Paterson George Burt “who was severely crushed from fall of stone from the roof while drawing props in the pillar work, from the effects of which he died the same day” 21/1/1893 42
Welch Osmond Arthur Page 94 “Fatal Injury from a fall of coal, 11 May” “He lived a few days and died from the effects” 17/5/1893 33
Vickery Giles Miner, “Killed by a fall of Stone in his working place in the Metropolitan Colliery” 17/2/1896 50
Shipton Henry JL “Accidently Killed By a Blow of Gas in the Metropolitan Coal mine Helensburgh”. The three men were working in the No7 west heading when an outburst of coal and gas took place and the men were suffocated by gas (firedamp) and coal dust before they could be rescued. (Killed; Pugh & Barton were miners, Shipton, a wheeler, and his horse) 10 /6/1896 20
Pugh Enoch 37
Barton James 49
Hickman Oliver Miner, “Death was caused by a fall of coal at the working face, place was well timbered”
Died PA Hospital
21/10/1899 41
Downes Arnold James Miner, “Downes was in the act of passing a horse at the No2 flat, there was a space of 18inches between a tub and the horse and as he attempted to pass, the horse squashed him against the tub, he died 4 days later.” 4/06/1901 40
Watson Henry James “Killed Metropolitan Colliery Helensburgh”. D/Mines Rep, says struck by a piece of falling coal at the face, Died approx. 20 minutes later 18/12/1902 48
Lombard David “From Accidental Falling of Stone From Roof. D/Mines Rep, says struck by a piece of falling stone at the face, Died a few minutes later. 13/05/1903 56
Brien Thomas Died of injuries 5 days after being crushed between the limbers and the corner of a tub (accident date 26/1/1904) 30/01/1904 26
Passalick Alias Williams Antonio
“Died at Metropolitan Colliery Helensburgh”. “Killed by a fall of coal at the face of a “10 yard” Welsh Bord” 27/10/1904 40
Lenham James William Drawing timber out of a three way “lift”—deceased was attempting to take out the last set of timber, when the roof fell on him, crushing his head and breaking his thigh, Death was instantaneous.” 22/10/1908 25
Cunningham Emile Wenlock “Deceased by some means unknown, got in front of a set of water tank and trolley of props attached to an endless rope. Found by a Deputy under a trolley, quite dead, having received frightful injuries.” 17/12/1908 16
Hunt Negis Edwin Roadsman in federal District “Knocked down by a wheelers horse and crushed under the first of at set of five full tubs—– He died almost Immediately 8/07/1910 39
Brodie Thomas Fitter ‘Fell down Air Shaft 29/06/1913 28
Potter Alexander Miner, Commonwealth district. “3 tons of coal fell away knocking him against a full tub – injury to lungs + – removed to his home then Prince Alfred Hospital on same day where he died on arrival” 2/08/1915 30
Hargrave Charles Philip “Killed in Metropolitan Mine Helensburgh”. Run over by two tubs and died before reaching pit bottom. 24/10/1916 36
Edwards alias Russell Joseph Miner, Commonwealth district. ” fall of roof, the outby edge knocked him down, was found partially buried . He was removed to Prince Afred Hospital the same evening where he died. 12/04/1917 47
Vardy James “Who died from Injuries Received in the Metropolitan Mine” “Greaser, Struck by 2 tubs, died in Prince Alfred Hospital the next day 4/02/1920 73
Vernon Francis CT “Died from injuries received at the Metropolitan Colliery Helensburgh” Clipper slipped & fell. Crushed by skips fracturing spine, died 21 days later 22/11/1924 22
Green Fred “Accidently killed at Helensburgh Mine Through Blow out of gas” (Common Grave) “due to an outburst of natural gas from the top of an upthrow fault “ 27/07/1925 33
West George 27/07/1925 27
Buxton George “Died from injuries received at the Metropolitan Colliery Helensburgh” “Miner was killed by a fall of spar and stone from the face of his working place.” Date of accident 12/08/1927 13/08/1927 26
Bendon William “Result of Accident at Metropolitan Colliery Helensburgh”. On 18 Nov. Working at Face stone rolled onto leg causing compound fracture, A week or two later it was found necessary to amputate but he died after the operation. 7/12/1931 58
Sweeney John Assistant Deputy Sweeny stepped inside a fence surrounding a return wheel to apply oil. His right leg became caught between the rope and the rim. He was dragged around the rim and killed instantly 19/01/1932 59
Hewitt John “Killed Metropolitan Colliery”. Killed instantly by a fall of roof stone at the face in the 4 West section, the stone measuring 4′ 8 in length x 2′ x 2’10, 10/07/1934 54
Thomas George “Accidently Killed Metropolitan Mine Helensburgh.” This accident occurred during the war years and it has been difficult to get the Mines Dept. particulars JA 7/07/1942 53
Hill George Robert Obituary.:- “After a long illness due to a serious accident in the Metropolitan Colliery Helensburgh” This accident occurred during the war years and it has been difficult to get the particulars JA 31/01/1952 51
Senescall Vernard W both ‘lost their lives by asphyxiation and a boring machine operator was rendered unconscious when an outburst of noxious gas took place” “in No 11 bord, on No2 North Disrtict in the Bulli seam” 2/12/1954 38
Jennings Lionel 32
Rae John North Stephen “Jack” A deputy was run over and killed by a laden shuttlecar 6/10/1965 59
Cross Clifford Thomas Cliff died at RPA Hospital , 3 days after a blow to the head, which he received when he fell from a ladder underground. JA 5/02/1968 54
Payne Robert George “Accidently Killed 17 October 1974” 17/10/1974 54
Kerr Gary By some means Gary Kerr appears to have fallen onto a moving belt conveyor and was carried several hundred metres until, when partly off the belt, he became jammed between the belt and its structure. 9/04/1992 38
Jarman Terence John Periodic Journey Returning Home to Bomaderry 16/09/1995 56