Welcome to the History of Helensburgh

Helensburgh is bounded by the Royal National Park, water catchment reserves and the Eastern seaboard of Australia. Clubs, pub, sporting facilities, churches, schools and a shopping centre, cater for a population of some 5,000 people. We think it's God's own country.
The Helensburgh and District Historical Society records and preserves the social history of Helensburgh and the surrounding villages of Waterfall, Garawarra, Stanwell Park, Stanwell Tops, Otford, Lilyvale and Cawley. The records cover coal mining, railways, forestry, education, sport, social clubs, religion and all other aspects of village life. Helensburgh is situated on the Southern fringe of Sydney, an hour by train to the city.
The objectives of the society are both scientific and cultural

  • Scientific. The advancement of historical science in the study of Australia, and the factors in general history that have had particular consequence in Australian development with special regard to those bearing upon the development of the area of Helensburgh and its environs.
  • Cultural. The promotion of the knowledge of the history of Australia and of the traditions of our heritage.