Welcome to Helensburgh

Interbane, Bald Hill

Thankfully, we have a number of special houses in our district and Interbane is one of them. In fact, it is a house with a rather notorious history.

Going To The Movies

Movies had their Australian premiere in a converted shop at 148 Pitt St. Sydney, just a couple of doors along from King Street on November 30th, 1894. These performances were promoted by J.C. Williamson. He had imported a row of five Thomas Edison Kinetoscopes, which were the fore-runner of the Nickelodeon.

The Mystery Of A Missing Church

It is not often that a church goes missing, but at Otford, the tiny community in the Bulgo valley beside Helensburgh, that's exactly what happened to the Anglican Church. Records tell us that it existed, but when it was built and when and why it disappeared, remains a mystery.

Boy's Bush Craft And All That

It's rather sad to hear that Boy Scouts troops are having some difficulties surviving these days. Some troops have had to close due to a lack of leaders. Times do change, but organizations will always go through ups and downs.

Holidaying And Sightseeing In The 1930s

Holidaying and sightseeing in the 1930s
In the early 1930s Henry Halloran developed the Stanwell Tops Pleasure Park as a local tourist attraction. Notices on the Princes Highway, formally the Old Illawarra Road, directed travellers from the intersection of the highway with Lawrence Hargraves Drive, on the corner at Teapot Inn, down the drive toward Stanwell Tops.

A Short History

A view of Stanwell Park village in 1914 with the original rail line still in operation, with Mount Mitchell in the centre.
The life and times of a mining town
Early in the 1800s, settlers started to move into the region from Sutherland to Bulli, an area of coastal ranges south of Sydney.

Welcome To The History Of Helensburgh

Helensburgh is bounded by the Royal National Park, water catchment reserves and the Eastern seaboard of Australia. Clubs, pub, sporting facilities, churches, schools and a shopping centre, cater for a population of some 5,000 people. We think it's God's own country.